In April 2022, I presented a VfM masterclass with the RSH and the following are the key issues that were raised that would enhance the VfM report:

  • Read section 4 of the RSH’s VfM metrics report 2021 which gives advice on “Reporting in the accounts”.
  • Report on:
    • Your historic VfM trends
    • Your 2021/22 performance – explain any variances against your VfM targets
    • Your projected VfM metrics
  • Choose peer comparison organisations that have similar characteristics (e.g. size, location and mix of tenancies) to your organisation
  • Don’t adjust the metric calculations as set out by the RSH
  • Compare your VfM metrics to the RSH’s 2020/21 “median” figures
  • Try to make the report as user friendly as possible by using tables and graphs.