We are keen to get the thoughts of Hub members on the potential of a new app to help social housing providers with the rent setting and compliance process.

Ahead of the next Forum meeting on 31st March, please spend a few minutes answering the following questions:

• What do you struggle with in terms of rent compliance/annual rent increases?
• If you had a system to carry out annual rent increases what should it be able to do
• Do you have a system to do the above in an automated way? Does it work in its entirety across your rent portfolio or are parts done elsewhere (i.e. manually)?
• What insights would be useful for future modelling?
• How comfortable/ confident are you with your data structures on a scale of 1-10. What would need to change here
• How long does it take you (and members of your team) to carry out an annual rent increase cycle? How many properties/ rent types does this cover?
• If a system existed to automate rent increases, carry out data validation checks would you be willing to pay for it? If yes, how much?

Please feel free to comment below or send your responses direct to me at [email protected]