About Mobysoft

Mobysoft works in partnership with the housing sector and provides a software solution, RentSense, that helps 170 social landlords, and over 25 in Scotland, sustain more tenancies and help more tenants out of debt.

RentSense is designed around algorithms and predictive analytics, so it can accurately project which tenants may or may not pay their rent. Independent research by data science company, QuantSpark, found that on average RentSense helps its customers achieve the following in year one:

  • Reduce the number of tenants in debt by 11.5%
  • Reduces the average arrear by 8.17%
  • Reduces evictions by 8.9%
  • RentSense typically delivers an average return on investment within 4 months.

Mobysoft boasts a high customer retention rate of 97% over the last two years.

Our work in partnership

Mobysoft are HQN’s longest serving partners to the Rental Income Network (RIEN). Mobysoft has worked with members over a series of events and strategies to sustain tenancies and protect revenues, including practical roadshows, targeted roundtables and conference involvement.