A new report by the Climate Change Committee has found that “current strategy will not deliver Net Zero” and has called for radical changes.

The Progress Report by the independent committee has also found major failures in delivery programmes towards the achievement of the UK’s climate goals.

One of the key messages from the Committee is that action to “address the rising cost of living should be aligned with Net Zero”. There remains an “urgent need for equivalent action”, the report says, to reduce demand for fossil fuels to reduce emissions and limit energy bills.

On energy efficiency, it says: “Given soaring energy bills, there is a shocking gap in policy for better insulated homes. Government promised significant public spending in 2019 and committed to new policies last year, neither has yet occurred.

“The UK continues to have some of the leakiest homes in Europe and installations of insulation remain at rock bottom – the average annual energy bill for UK households is around £40 higher than if insulation rates from pre-2012 had continued for the last decade.

“Much now rests on the promised energy advice service, which must be a major undertaking that reaches millions of households and supports them through implementation of options to cut their bills and emissions.”

The report also doesn’t hold back on new build.

“The UK continues to build new homes to standards which do not align with the Net Zero target,” it says. “Ensuring that new homes produce no direct emissions and are coupled with high levels of fabric efficiency is an essential and no-regrets step.”

It also has recommendations for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, saying it is “essential to ensure that the Future Homes and Buildings Standards are implemented successfully by 2025, and to support the actions outlined for BEIS on buildings decarbonisation, such as through planning, measurement, standards enforcement and compliance.”

CCC Chairman, Lord Deben, said: “The UK is a champion in setting new climate goals, now we must be world-beaters in delivering them. In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, the country is crying out to end its dependence on expensive fossil fuels. I welcome the Government’s restated commitment to Net Zero, but holes must be plugged in its strategy urgently.

“The window to deliver real progress is short. We are eagle-eyed for the promised action.”

You can read the full report here.