The Scottish Government has committed £831m for affordable housing in its latest Budget, with the aim of delivering “110,000 affordable, energy efficient homes” by 2032.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy, Kate Forbes, said: “This budget brings forward key commitments and lays the groundwork for much of the transformational investment and innovation that is to come across three strategic priorities: tackling inequalities; securing a just transition to Net Zero; and investing in economic and public service recovery.

“We will drive forwards our national mission to tackle child poverty – investing in training and employment opportunities, addressing financial insecurity and improving living standards, and ensuring that every young person is able to fulfil their potential.

“Fundamental to this will be our significant investment in the Scottish Child Payment. We committed to double this payment by the end of the parliament, but the decision of the UK Government to push more households into poverty by cutting universal credit, and the impact of rising living costs, makes it imperative that we act now.

“We will double the payment to £20 a week from April 2022, and extend it to under 16’s by the end of 2022, helping lift 40,000 children out of poverty and mitigating the impact of UK Government cuts.”

Housing associations in Scotland welcomed the new funding, but said year on year increases are going to be needed with the increasing costs being faced.

Aaron Hill, SFHA Director of Policy and Membership, said: “We are pleased that the Scottish Government has responded positively to our call to increase investment in both new and existing homes.

“However, with our members facing new long-term pressures, such as rising costs and supply chain issues, we will need to see increased investment year-on-year to respond to these issues.

“Our concern is that, without investment that rises with increasing costs, our members will not be able to play their full part in helping the government to meet its target of delivering 110,000 affordable homes, and decarbonising their existing stock, by 2032.

“We are keen to work with our members and the Scottish Government to ensure we can deliver the homes Scotland desperately needs.”