Real-time property operations specialist, Plentific has announced seven new clients, including Change HousingThe Hyde GroupLonghurstMidland HeartPlatform HousingPhoenix Community Housing and SW9. The addition of Hyde solidifies Plentific’s association with almost half of the properties within the G15.

The UK housing sector continues to face challenges relating to supply chain reliability, increased repair backlogs caused by the pandemic, rising demand for services from residents and complex repairs, such as damp and mould. Plentific’s technology solution will help their new clients to address these challenges in real-time. This will be done by connecting stakeholders, automating workflows and providing a verified contractor marketplace to help streamline operations and deliver a better experience to residents.

Cem Savas, founder and CEO of Plentific, said: “From attending and speaking at CIH Housing earlier this year and listening to our partners across the UK, it is clear the social housing sector continues to face a range of challenges.”

“Plentific is committed to acting as a reliable partner to the housing sector, which is why we’re doing everything we can to make sure we support our customers to undertake crucial works for their residents.”

“Plentific exists to help social landlords and their residents understand how their homes operate, so when residents get in touch, housing providers already have an answer from a digital perspective.”

Hyde approached Plentific to address their need for a consistent supply and effective management of repair and maintenance requests from residents. They aim to meet year-round demand by utilising their internal workforce and leveraging specialist contractors through the marketplace. They also require assistance with their repairs program, particularly with damp and mould jobs. In response, Plentific will provide a dynamic contractor marketplace and implement a new automated workflow procedure to enhance visibility and service delivery to help improve their residents’ homes.

Steve Austin, head of maintenance at Hyde, said: “We are excited to bring a faster repairs resolution service to our residents and provide an all-round better level of service.”

“There is a lot of specialised trade in the market, from individual contractors to SMEs, many of which may not be used to working with large organisations. Through Plentific, we can tap into this resource, safe in the confidence that each contractor has already been vetted, so we can focus on completing the works for our residents in a timely and professional manner.”

Similarly, Platform Housing faced a challenge with a backlog of repairs and aimed to proactively address the risks associated with damp and mould for their residents. By gaining access to the Plentific marketplace, Platform Housing now has a more convenient and efficient means to tackle the issues they are encountering. They can connect with a broader pool of reputable local contractors and reduce procurement times. Notably, Platform Housing has already achieved an impressive 26% reduction in the average job completion time, equivalent to eight days, since adopting the platform.

Louie Nesbitt, quantity surveyor at Platform Housing, said: “We went live with Plentific in December 2022,, the first batch of 500 jobs went live on the Plentific platform on a Tuesday evening. Within 24 hours, all of those jobs had been quoted on, with the first job completed on site by Thursday.”

“We have regular meetings with the Plentific team to discuss our needs, their ongoing support is second to none.”

Plentific has also recently acquired North West-based housing platform provider Active Housing, increasing its client base across social housing, and developed new automated workflow solutions targeting current challenges faced by the UK housing sector, such as inspections, complex repairs and preventative maintenance.