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Opinion: Introducing RenKap — the PropTech Startup transforming housing delivery

By Gonzalo Marquesini, Founder, RenKap.

HQN are running a six-part blog series on how RenKap, an Innovate UK-backed PropTech start-up, are on a mission to transform housing delivery through tech.

Each post will provide a sneak peek into their platform and how they plan to disrupt the housing sector for the better.

Recognising the problem with housing delivery
The UK faces an unprecedented shortage of housing, failing year on year to close the gap between supply and demand. Last year (2019/2020) only 180,000 homes were completed - nowhere near the 340,000 homes required each year to meet demand. This lack of housing has led to an eye-opening backlog of homes which has now exceeded the four million mark.

As house prices continue to soar and the need for temporary housing rises, now more than ever, the UK needs a solution that can tackle the housing crisis and the problems that come with it.

“Safe affordable housing is the foundation of society itself. A broken housing market reduces social mobility and increases the gap between the haves and have nots. Without social mobility and the ability to get ahead, greater problems will occur,” says Gonzalo, RenKap’s founder who lived on a boat in London for four years to escape Generation Rent.

Gonzalo adds: “There’s enough brownfield land in the UK to build over 1 million homes and an untapped demand from both buyers and renters (at the right price). As well as this, Institutional Investors are keen to invest in affordable housing, yet we’re still not building the homes we need.

"The existing models have not been delivering for the past 50 years and RenKap are here to shake things up and free ambitious public sector housebuilders from their reliance on the large private sector housebuilders.”

Embracing tech
RenKap is on a mission to overcome the capacity constraints in the housing sector and allow any aspiring housebuilder to boost their development capacity through tech.

Made up of five products, the RenKap platform connects landowners with vetted suppliers and provides clients with access to detailed development data from inception through to completion. Their offerings include:

  • Site Identification - Instantly allows clients to identify sites they own (public sector specific)
  • Automated Site Investigation - Complete intensive Site Investigation works
  • Automated Feasibility - Instantly access Feasibility Data
  • Design & Planning - Procure and manage the Design and Planning stages of development
  • Construction - Procure and manage all construction work

The platform has received funding from Innovate UK, HM Land Registry and Ordnance Survey and RenKap will be scaling their operation to facilitate the delivery of over 20,000 homes by 2025.

Having already launched their Automated Site Investigation product -  which cuts down a process that typically takes six weeks of in-house management time to just under an hour - the team have already received 100% repeat business from early-adopter clients.

Stay tuned!

Keep your eyes peeled for the post next up in the series; ‘Site Identification’ which explains how RenKap uses data to instantly identify the sites you own across your portfolio.

The product provides the one source of truth for all your ownership queries and the best part - they’re releasing this product free of charge for the first 20 clients to sign up to their waiting list!