A specialist team which supports people struggling with the rising cost of living has helped tenants to secure £3 million in extra income in just nine months.

Weaver Vale Housing Trust’s Money Matters Team’s specialist advisors provide practical support and guidance for customers who might be struggling financially, experiencing difficulties with benefits or falling behind on rent.

The trust says demand for the team’s expertise has been particularly high as the cost-of-living crisis really takes hold.

Hitting the £3 million income gain milestone marks the team’s most successful year to date and more than 800 people have benefited from the additional money secured.

Hundreds of people have received support from the team’s energy advice experts who help people who are struggling to pay utility bills. In the past nine months, they have already supported more than 350 local customers to secure in excess of £260,000 in extra income.

Adam Shufflebotham, Team Leader of the Money Matters Team, said: “The cost-of-living crisis has pushed many of our customers into even harsher financial hardship. The Money Matters Team has been a lifeline for people, ensuring they have secured all the financial support they are entitled to.

“Whilst we are supporting people in immediate crisis, we also keep in mind the long-term view, taking steps to address the root causes of fuel poverty and deliver long-term solutions. This includes referrals to in-house and external support teams delivering money advice, employment support, and health and wellbeing support.”

The Money Matters Team also holds debt accreditation, meaning that debt relief and bankruptcies can also be carried out in-house for local customers to help them deal with debt they can’t pay.

One local person recently supported by the team said: “I can’t thank you enough for sorting this for me. My experience of working with you has been life-changing. Without this help, I’d be in a very different place.”

For more information on the trust’s Money Matters Team and their services, please visit https://www.wvht.co.uk/money-advice/