Wirral based Magenta Living weathered Storm Arwen during the last weekend of November, working tirelessly to ensure customers were safe in the face of dangerous and extreme weather conditions.

The impact from Storm Arwen was felt across the UK, and in Wirral, Merseyside winds reached 68mph, resulting in fallen trees and fencing, broken windows from flying debris and damaged roofs.

Magenta Living’s 24/7 Contact Centre began to see call volumes increase from around 7am on 27 November.

Messages were quickly placed on social media to advise of the high demand due to the weather conditions and asking customers to email photographs of any damage to allow staff to prioritise repairs and the Building Services Technicians’ workload.

Many off-duty Contact Centre colleagues volunteered to assist by working on their days off, responding to phone calls and emails throughout the day and night, which was an incredible help to the team.

An average week for Magenta Living would see around 750 repair jobs, however due to the storm this number almost doubled to 1,338 including 395 emergency repairs and 217 urgent repairs.

Living up to one of the company’s values, adaptability, working both day and night, Building Services Technicians were able to get to all repair priorities to make them safe.

One technician responded to 40 jobs in 40 hours without complaint, going above and beyond to ensure the safety of Magenta Living’s tenants.

One particular customer, living on the top floor of a three-storey block of flats, was quickly moved to emergency accommodation after it was deemed unsafe for her to remain in the property.

The swift actions of the Magenta Living team meant the customer and her daughter were safe and secure away from any potential harm.

Colleagues from both the Magenta Living Contact Centre and Building Services Technicians certainly went the extra mile, doing everything they could to ensure tenants were safe while working through exceptionally high volumes of calls and jobs, IT issues and extremely difficult weather conditions.

Staff continued to work extended hours in the days following the storm to answer calls, make safe and carry out repairs and completed all urgent storm related repairs within a week, which is an incredible achievement.

Brian Simpson, Chief Executive of Magenta Living said: “I’m so proud of everyone who was involved in supporting our customers through the storm. They have shown great dedication and worked extremely hard to ensure our customers and their homes were safe.

“I couldn’t thank them all enough and I know our customers will appreciate their efforts during such an awful storm. It was truly a team effort and an example of ‘The Magenta Way’ which is all about working collaboratively to provide excellent services for customers.”