At the Labour Party conference, Shadow Housing Secretary, Lisa Nandy, has said that the party will “mend the deliberate vandalism of our social housing stock”.

Part of this will be making social housing “the second largest form of tenure” in the UK.

She added: “The idea of a home for life handed on in common ownership to future generations… Is an idea worth fighting for. Council housing is not a dirty word.”

Building on Labour’s plans for housing, Nandy told the conference: “We’re going to rebuild our social housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local councils and communities. With home ownership opened up to millions more.

“And for private renters we will tilt the balance of power back to you through a powerful new renters charter and a new decent homes standard – written into law.

“Because security in your home, the right to make your home your own and most of all the right to live in a home fit for human habitation.”