We’re currently running a survey to ascertain the sector’s plans for rent increases and pay awards in 2023. We’ve had a number of responses so far, which tell us that:

Do you intend applying the rent cap of 7% to your general needs social homes?

Yes: 75.00%
No: 25.00%

Do you intend to apply a rent cap of 7% on your affordable homes?

Yes: 100.00%
No: 0.00%

Do you intend increasing shared ownership rents in line with the lease?

 Yes: 0.00%
No: 100.00%

Will you increase your salaries in line with the 7% rent cap?

Yes: 75.00%
No: 25.00%

The responses we’ve already received have been enlightening but we’re looking for more responses to get as clear and representative picture of the sector as a whole as we can.

Please take two minutes to complete the survey, if you haven’t already. Click here to take survey.