A housing association says it has created its own standard for newly-built homes that will exceed the Future Homes Standard recently set out by the UK government.

Yorkshire Housing plans to see all its new homes go ‘gas free’ from next year, three years ahead of the government’s targets.

The social landlord, which manages more than 18,000 homes across 20 local authorities, says it believes everyone should have the opportunity to live in a quality and sustainable home that they can afford, which is it plans to go beyond the government’s standard by creating its own ‘YH standard’.

It will promote green technologies in its new homes and says it will play its part in reducing the effects of global warming on homes and places.

From 2022, the provider will install in its new build homes:

  • Air source heat pumps, using renewable energy sources instead of gas boilers
  • Underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs to make heating homes more efficient
  • Solar panels, generating electricity for the customer and national grid
  • Make sure all walls, roofs, floors and windows will be super insulated

And from 2026, it plans to:

  • Increase the number of solar panels installed on new homes
  • Install triple glazing on our new homes
  • Deliver a 100% carbon reduction that will see customers make savings of up to £307 on their annual energy bills

Richard Bould, Technical Manager at Yorkshire Housing, said: “We want Yorkshire Housing to lead the sector when it comes to tackling climate change. Our net zero standard will put customers first, reducing bills and creating a warm and healthy place to live.

“The government has legislated that all new builds will be off gas from 2025. We’re moving away from gas in our new homes three years earlier, which will significantly reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the environment.”

Andy Gamble, Director of Growth and Assets at Yorkshire Housing, said: “We want all our customers to have a place their proud to call home.

“We’ve set ourselves ambitious targets that’ll see us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in new homes ahead government deadlines and it’s only by being ambitious that we can really make a difference in the fight against climate change.

“By going beyond the Future Home Standard we’ll be creating homes fit for the future.”