The Hyde Group and Chichester District Council have agreed a new partnership, which aims to continue improving housing standards and increasing affordable housing across the district.

As the largest provider of social housing in the district, Hyde has also developed a 30-year strategy focusing on improving the energy efficiency and standards of Hyde homes and neighbourhoods. The strategy also outlines how Hyde will build more affordable homes to meet local need over the coming years.

Hyde is also considering offering more flexibility for customers who may wish to move to a different Hyde home as their needs change.

Guy Slocombe, Chief Investment Officer at Hyde Group said: “We have amazing communities in Chichester district, where we need to ensure there is appropriate, decent, energy efficient and safe homes. The strategy and partnership show our long-term commitment to our existing and future customers. We ask you to come along on that journey with us – it’s a long one, but one we passionately care about.”

Alan Sutton, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communications, Licencing and Events at Chichester District Council said: “Over the last two years, Hyde and Chichester District Council have been working together to really understand how Hyde’s homes are serving the needs of its customers and the wider community, and this work has informed Hyde’s new strategy.

“Our new working partnership with Hyde is just one of the many ways in which we, as a council, are working hard to ensure that all of our residents have a safe, secure and suitable place to live.”

In 2001, Chichester District Council transferred its affordable housing stock to Hyde. Hyde now manage just under 8,000 homes in the district.