More people ranked health and wellbeing, and quality of life as the most important areas for the Government to focus on in its levelling up agenda than jobs, economic productivity and income – in a recent YouGov poll, commissioned by housing association Karbon Homes.

Twenty-two per cent of the 1,684 people polled want the Government to focus on health and wellbeing as their priority with a further 19% ranking quality of life. Increasing household income, economic productivity and job opportunities all came lower down their list of priorities.

Charlotte Carpenter, Executive Director of Growth and Business Development, Karbon Homes said: “When the Comprehensive Spending Review is announced this week, we hope to see the Government focus levelling up investment on improving people’s quality of life, the neighbourhoods they live in and their overall wellbeing.

“In the past, governments have focused solely on economic productivity metrics to determine which areas get what levels of funding. We know that this has not worked and has left many areas feeling more ‘left behind’ than ever before.”

The survey also found more people believed that investing in housing and health and social care would be more effective in reducing inequalities between regions than support for business.

“We believe that investing in good quality housing, regeneration and community development in areas that really need it, will have a positive impact on people’s quality of life day to day and help to level up inequalities between places and regions,” said Charlotte.

“One of our key priorities at Karbon Homes is to shape strong, sustainable places, working with local communities and local partners to provide homes, services and community support to ensure neighbourhoods thrive. With additional Government funding invested in these areas, we can help to make a real difference to local communities in the North East.”