The government has launched a consultation seeking views from local authorities and other interested stakeholders on a review of funding arrangements and conditions for the Homelessness Prevention Grant for 2023/24 onwards.

The Homelessness Prevention Grant is funding allocated to all local housing authorities in England.

They can use the funding flexibly to support their homelessness and rough sleeping strategies, such as:

  • offering financial support for people to find a new home
  • working with landlords to prevent evictions
  • providing temporary accommodation

The consultation will review a new funding formula based on current homelessness pressures to make sure that funding is distributed fairly to local authorities and is driven by a current picture of need.

The government is also consulting on changing the grant conditions to improve its understanding of how the grant is spent and making the payments in two phases, with the second payment released when accurate data has been returned.

The consultation will run for eight weeks. Funding allocations will be finalised and announced later this year.