Fun news from COP27, this year’s get-together of fossil fuel firm mandarins intent on deflecting all attention away from their respective companies’ destructive activities: it’s being sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Green campaigners are astonished that the firm, described by some as the world’s greatest polluter, has been allowed to sponsor the event, and have made accusations of “greenwashing”.

According to Break Free From Plastic’s Emma Priestland “Coca-Cola sponsoring the Cop27 is pure ‘greenwash’. Coca-Cola is one of the world’s biggest users of plastic.

“Over four years, we’ve found Cola-Cola to be the world’s top plastic polluter in our annual brand audits,” she said. “It’s astounding that a company so tied to the fossil fuel industry is allowed to sponsor such a vital climate meeting.”

Greenpeace’s John Hocevar, meanwhile, is simply bewildered: “It’s baffling that Coca-Cola – the world’s biggest plastic polluter in all global Break Free From Plastic brand audits – will sponsor this year’s UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Egypt.

“Coca-Cola produces 120bn throwaway plastic bottles a year – and 99% of plastics are made from fossil fuels, worsening both the plastic and climate crisis.”

Yes, yes, it’s truly baffling. Well, from an ethical standpoint. As a representative slice of our day-to-day existence on this demented, greed-addicted rock, it’s pretty standard stuff.

And what does the teeth-destroying firm have to say for itself, you ask – or maybe you don’t because, let’s face it, who cares what the grotesque, voracious multinational has to say in pitiful defence of its ongoing appalling behaviour?

Either way, the firm said: “We share the goal of eliminating waste from the ocean and appreciate efforts to raise awareness about this challenge. We are prepared to do our part and have set ambitious goals for our business, starting with helping to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell – regardless of where it comes from – by 2030.”

All good, then.

And this is merely the beginning of COP27’s woes. The event is being held in Egypt, which prompted social activist Naomi Klein to use Twitter to tweet: “Super fun to have a climate summit in a police state sponsored by @CocaCola while most “civil society” delegates save their indignation for jacked up hotel prices instead of locked up political prisoners.”

And, wouldn’t you know, the fun doesn’t end there, as Britain’s latest barmy prime minister, Liz Truss, has also been sucked into the COP27 orbit. The show’s Egyptian hosts have warned the deeply, deeply troubled PM not to backtrack on the climate agenda, perhaps not realising that, on a personal level, environmental annihilation is currently the very least of her worries.

The reprimand follows news that Truss told the King formerly known as Prince, Charles 3.0, not to turn up at COP27 if he knows what’s good for him – the newly minted monarch saddled with a history of concern about climate issues.

The Egyptians are disappointed, as they’d like to have a king at their party, and no doubt miffed that Truss herself hasn’t yet committed to showing her face. But why should she trouble herself with planetary survival when she’s got a country to ruin, I mean run?