Oh dear. The Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report – a series it produces to scrutinise the government’s generally plodding and cack-handed attempts to solve the problem of imminent environment collapse – will be a bleak read for the UK’s ruling regime, if anyone in the regime reads it.

Key messages include an urgent lack of urgency, a need to stick to existing commitments, and a requirement to retake a clear international leadership role.

In fact, the CCC’s confidence in the country meeting its medium-term targets on carbon reduction has decreased in the last year (so has mine).

Additionally, the government should empower and inform households and communities around making low-carbon choices, with the CCC claiming that a “coherent public engagement strategy on climate action is long overdue”.

The committee also felt compelled to spell out that the “expansion of fossil fuel production is not in line with Net Zero” in the report, apparently genuinely concerned that the government has somehow failed to grasp this.

After chastising the bungling regime, the report turns to recommendations (good luck with them, CCC). They include:

Publish the land use frameworkset out how this feeds into a wider agriculture and land use strategy that brings together how land can deliver its multiple functions.

Implement a comprehensive delivery mechanism to address degraded peatland and extend current restoration ambition

Ensure that funding and support are set at the correct level to meet the UK Government afforestation target of 30,000 hectares per year by 2025

No airport expansions should proceed until a UK-wide capacity management framework is in place to annually assess and, if required, control sector GHG emissions and non-CO2 effects.

Meanwhile, far away in another part of town (the deranged bit) popular publications such as the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Telegraph have been upping their game in the ‘we know best about climate change’ stakes.

Fearful of the likely transition to a Labour government after the next election, the outlets have been warning their terrified readers that Kier Starmer, for it is he, is obsessed with the likes of net zero, carbon emissions and avoiding planetary death, with the Mail going as far as to caution that the Labour leader is under the control of “the eco-zealots”, whoever they may be (perhaps the CCC?).

Elsewhere, the likes of respected political powerhouse Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned that high energy prices have been caused by “green policies”.

Now, thinking (and feeling) people (and there are actually quite a lot of them in the UK) are obviously going to see the reveries of the likes of the Mail and Rees-Mogg for what they are – demented, agenda-driven froth designed to simultaneously sooth and, paradoxically, enrage the tenderminded.

But, astonishingly and agonisingly, it has a profound effect. The government can in fact afford to effectively ignore its own climate committee’s dire warnings because a large amount of its core support is being daily indoctrinated with the absurd lie that climate science is faulty at best, the movement to fix our awful problems is some sort of woke Marxist plot, and everything’s going to be all right.

And maybe everything is going to be all right! Here’s the CCC’s report, which you can probably ignore.


Good news time. It seems China’s efforts in the renewable energy realm are thriving.

Loads and loads of solar and wind power installations are being constructed around the country, and a report reckons China will hit its green targets for 2030 five years early!

Isn’t that excellent? Well, not entirely. (There’s always something, isn’t there?) The country is also increasing its construction of coal-powered plants, which are needed in part to back up all the nice wind and solar installations.

Still, it’s something like a start and would appear to shame the UK government (see above), so well done, China, I suppose.


Meanwhile, the EU has been seriously considering a mad plan: blocking out the sun.

Solar radiation management (SRM) involves the crafty idea of pumping reflective particles into the atmosphere that will prevent many of the pesky sun’s rays from reaching the earth and creating havoc.

(I love how this approach frames the sun as the enemy in all of this.)

Anyhow, the beauty of SRM is that, if it works, it gives carte blanche to the world’s polluters (us) to carry on the same trajectory: that is, depleting the earth’s surface in the pursuit of profit. Climate heating up to unliveable levels because of deforestation and mineral mining? There’s a fix for that – and you can keep on destroying nature!

But that’s not all. Many are concerned that inferring with the atmosphere (which has already been roundly pickled by our dirty emissions) could have unforeseen, perhaps catastrophic consequences, such as throwing rain patterns into disarray.

Rather than seriously contemplating a bananas plan that could lead to greater chaos, the EU, and its analogues across the globe, could focus entirely on reducing consumption and switching energy production to renewables. And that right there is really at the core of this abysmal problem.

Read about the EU’s comic book scheme here.