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Please find the latest news roundup for all things innovation and technology.

The Times has reported latest research from specialist IT and data recruitment firm Hackajob which should the wages for tech and data experts are spiralling as demand for the roles grow.

The research shows that average pay in the technology sector is 60% higher than the UK average.

It also shows that 46% of workers in the sector had turned down jobs due to competition and being offered a different job elsewhere. Around 16% of candidates had rejected a job because the pay was not enough.

The Telegraph has reported a 9% pay increate for IT workers between 2019 and 2021.

Elsewhere, The Register has covered the same research alongside other UK and global and UK trends. It reports the gender divide in the tech sector is still very pronounced saying that more than twice as many men as women are “being offered and accepting roles.”

It also reports that, despite inflation, growth in enterprise software spending is expected to continue at a steady 12%.

According to the snappily titled report, The Definitive Guide to Corporate Learning: Growth in the Flow of Work, companies with learning and development strategies centred around embracing and trialling new technologies are twice as likely to embrace new innovative ways of working.

Honing analytics and tech skills is a key capability that matters the most to innovation, according to the findings.

And finally, a first-of-its kind 3D printed home is being built in the United States.

Pouring layers of concrete through an industrial-sized 3D printer the home, in Houston, will be the first multi-storey printed structure in the United States.