Can I please reach out to members and ask how they are coping with their understanding of the Leaseholder Protections part of the Building Safety Act 2022 and in particular when a Deed of Certificate is appropriate to be received/requested and how a landlords certificate should be completed – I have the templates for both.

I had in my mind that a Deed would be submitted by a leaseholder following issue of a section 20 notice where possible ‘relevant works’ to a building of a ‘relevant height’ are included.

However, we are being bombarded by solicitors requesting a Landlords certificate due to a resale of a property taking place. In some cases these are being requested for buildings that do not even comply.  From trying to interpret the legislation in more detail it would appear that as the Landlord we need to take responsibility for telling the leaseholder to complete a Deed of Certificate if we are aware that the property is to be sold. We may not know if any relevant works though are to take place but a request for an LPE1 notifies us a sale could be happening.

I think it’s fair to say we are struggling with adopting a correct procedure to ensure compliance with this legislation. If anyone has got to grips with this we would very much welcome hearing from you.

We have asked for this to be included in our forthcoming training but already have some Deed of Certificates received that I need to work out what to do with.

I’m using other resources in the meantime, including IRPM.

Thank you for any guidance that others are willing to share!