In light of the rent consultation, we are running a series of models to identify the impact on the investment plan on our stock. It has raised the question of lifecycles of our components for replacement and how far we might push some of the general components. We want to increase the investment in energy efficiency and maintain our safety and compliance investment, but the only way for us to do that, given the potential gap in rent increase and inflationary pressures is to look at the Decent Homes upgrades.

I am seeking some feedback on what other RP’s are doing in this space?

The only changes we are considering are:

  • Kitchens moved from 20 to 25 years
  • Boilers moved from 15 to 18 years
  • Heating system – 30 to 36 to coincide with every other boiler replacement.

Our remaining lifecycles are:

  • Windows and doors – 30
  • Roofs – 60
  • Bathrooms – 30
  • Electric heating system – 30,

Whilst the boiler change is in direct contravention with Decent Homes, we are finding that the improvements in technology since the introduction of Decent Homes, plus a very comprehensive servicing regime are seeing boilers last slightly longer than the 15 years.

The kitchens would continue to be functional for up to 25 years, however, we will increase our reactive budget to undertake upgrades to those that do not last as long.

Any feedback on any of your component lifecycles would be helpful,

Many thanks

Matt Steele

Director of Asset Management & Procurement