We’re a Local Authority delivering adaptations for residents within our housing stock and we have a moral dilemma which I’m sure a lot of organisations are experiencing. We have a number of residents who have medical needs and require large adaptations such as extensions to accommodate ground floor living for an occupant, eg, to include bedroom, WC and bathing facilities.

To carry these out would be unsustainable due to expenditure and allocation of capital funds. Our current policy states that they should pursue rehousing but many are families who require four bedrooms and we have very little within our stock or HA’s within our district. Residents are also reluctant to move.

So, we are left to advise they either look to move or live in their property knowing that it is unsafe for the resident with medical needs. Our policy states we will review the situation in 12 months. With many residents willing to wait out the 12 months at risk and then we have to install an extension anyway.

We are looking to review our policy in the near future and I’m keen to know how others are addressing this issue. Thank you

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