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If you ever wondered what housing management was all about – read on. This is the course you’ve been looking for.

Housing management – also often referred to as landlord, operations, tenancies – is the ‘core’ activity of housing providers.

It’s a vital service for residents and lies at the centre of every good landlord/tenant relationship. Its scope is wide and varied covering everything (and often anything) to do with the management of tenancies, estates and communities.

Staff working in housing management are the ‘front line face’ of every housing business. Their specific remit and duties vary from organisation to organisation depending on how specialist or generic the structures are. Performance is judged in many ways including customer satisfaction and achieving business critical outcomes such as effective income collection, good conduct of tenancies, safe and desirable estates and sustainable communities.

This session will explain what the role is all about and give delegates a wider understanding of what to expect from housing management.

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    Delegates will:

    • Learn about the housing management service – what it covers and how it relates to other areas of a social housing business
    • Find out about the behaviours and skills that are needed for this role including its demands and challenges
    • Understand the range of tenancies that residents hold, their legal basis and their implications
    • Learn about the basics of income management, anti-social behaviour and common tenancy breaches
    • Consider wider estate and neighbourhood management matters
    • Appreciate the importance of involving residents.

    Who should attend?

    Essential for anyone who wants to find out more about housing management whether working in housing management or a related service area.

    Ideal for anyone new to the sector or new to their post or as a refresher/update.

    Suitable for involved residents and board members as well as staff.

  • Our trainer

    Michael Guest is a well-established and sought-after consultant and trainer in housing. His expertise and experience extend across the housing sector, with specialisms in Governance, Housing Management, Change in the Sector and Resident Engagement.

    He is known for his highly professional, yet relaxed and approachable working style that lends itself to learning and development assignments. This is combined with working comfortably at political and governance levels, through executive, management, and operational staff and with involved residents and communities.

    After holding a number of senior management positions in housing, Michael has for the last 27 28 years been Director of Michael Guest Associates Ltd., providing consultancy and training to the sector. A key aspect of this work is as part of HQN programmes since its inception.

    Michael is a Chartered Housing Professional, Chartered Management Consultant, and a Chartered Manager. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing he is a:

    • Regular Chair of and Lead Assessor on its Experienced Professional Route Professional Interview Panels for Chartered Membership
    • Member of the Executive Route Professional Interview Panel for Chartered Membership
    • Registered CIH Mentor for Senior Housing Professionals
    • Member of the CIH Housing Academy.

    He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, the Royal Society for Public Health, the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Consulting, was awarded an MSc. (with Merit) in Leadership and Management in 2017, an MSc. (with Distinction) in Housing Studies in 2020 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance (with Distinction) in 2020.

    Outside of housing, Michael is a Chair of School Governors, Chair of the Board of a Learning Partnership company of schools, Chair of a Leaseholders’ Company, and Vice Chair of an Institute of Advanced Motorists local group.

  • Testimonials
    • “I would 100% recommend this course. It’s a great overview of the range of aspects to housing management.”

      Homes for Lambeth
    • “The course was very informative and up to date with current work ethics. Very useful!”

      Wenlock Barn TMO
    • “Michael was great!”

      Hundred Houses Society
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Introduction to housing management


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