How the Building Safety Bill, The Social Housing White Paper and the new sustainability reporting standard impact decisions we make in asset management now.

Change, and responding to change, is a constant in the housing sector but particularly so in the last couple of years. 2022 will be no different!

  • The Building Safety Bill will continue its passage through Parliament and is likely to receive Royal Assent in the Spring
  • Alongside this we anticipate a raft of secondary legislation and guidance on the practical implication of the Bill (and let’s not forget we are still waiting for the Fire Safety Act 2022 to come into force…)
  • Retrofit and decarbonisation remain at the top of our members’ agenda – we know we need to reduce emissions to close to zero by 2050. A step change in the rate of energy performance improvements to existing homes must happen now if we are able meet carbon budgets, keep energy bills low and support the transition to low carbon heat
  • The White Paper, published almost a year ago, puts a strong focus on both building safety and good quality homes. The Regulator for Social Housing is currently consulting on new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) that look at how landlords are keeping their properties in good repair with proposed measures on Decent Homes Standard compliance, responsive repairs completed right first time and tenant satisfaction with landlord’s repairs and maintenance service
  • Decent Homes 2 is looming on the horizon – Part 1 has been completed and we wait to hear whether government will progress onto Part 2 this year
  • The shocking condition of homes in the social housing sector remains under the spotlight in 2022 – both in the national media and the regulator. As a sector, we really need to get our act together and ensure that residents’ homes are decent, safe and well maintained
  • And, there is the new Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS), Social Value, the Future Homes Standard, SAP 10 and PAS 2035…

This year’s conference will look at all these issues focusing on what this all means in practice, providing advice and guidance, and giving you the opportunity to discuss and debate with other practitioners and experts:

  • Share ideas about how to deal with forthcoming challenges.
  • Learn from each other
  • Find out about the latest best practice.
  • Network.

Essential for everyone working in asset management, procurement, planned maintenance, responsive repairs, sustainability, building safety, compliance and health and safety.

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    What will be covered:

    The first day will have a focus on sustainability:

    Carbon Zero – the challenge for housing and communities 

    • Exploring the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and the value. Highlighting the challenges and some of the solutions. Identifying what is needed to deliver investment strategies for a more sustainable society.

    The Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS)

    • Find out what this means in practice and what you should be doing now.

    SAP 10 (and what it will mean for you)

    • SAP 10 – the new draft version of SAP 2012. It will more than halve the CO2emissions factors for electricity. Find out what impact it will have on the way we design heating systems and insulate our homes.

    Panel debate – sustainable homes or healthy homes?

    The second day will focus on asset management, including building safety:

    Social Housing White Paper: Decent Homes Review

    • Update from DLUHC on Part 1 of the review and plans for Part 2.

    The role of asset management in tackling fuel poverty

    • A household is in fuel poverty if it has to spend 10% or more of its income to adequately heat the home. With  rising prices fuel poverty is a key challenge for more and more households across the UK. Effective asset management can play a critical role in helping to reduce fuel poverty. Find out what you could and should be doing to help your tenants.

    Embedding social value into procurement processes

    • Delivering social value through procurement is back on the agenda – how can you ensure that your procurement processes deliver new jobs and skills, encourage economic growth and prosperity and tackle climate change.

    Building Safety – gearing up

    • Practical advice and guidance to get ready for the seismic changes being introduced by the Bill and related guidance and legislation

    Evidence-based decision-making – data, intelligence, and digital solutions

    Essential for:

    Asset managers/directors, Procurement Teams, Planned Maintenance, Responsive Repairs, Sustainability, Building Safety, Compliance and Health and Safety Teams.

    Please note this conference is run over the two days, 10:30am – 14:00pm.

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