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This is a lively and fast paced session designed for people working in services where they support others who may have experienced trauma.  The session will provide an introduction to trauma, trauma informed services and trauma informed workplaces.  Topics will cover cause, stress responses, vicarious trauma, re-traumatisation in services, boundaries, disclosures and signposting support approaches

  • What is trauma and who is affected?
  • What causes trauma (ACEs etc)
  • How does the stress response system work?
  • Impact of toxic stress on the human brain – stress, impulse, shame, sensory , emotional, cognitive, empathy, joy of living, self esteem.
  • Current thinking – the protective and compensatory experiences to buffer trauma
  • What is the impact of exposure to trauma? Indicators, and difficulties
  • Responding to trauma and recovery, advocacy and what you can do
  • What does this mean for you and your organisation?
  • Protecting yourself and others from vicarious trauma
  • Next steps in development of personal toolkit.
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    The key benefits of the course

    Delegates will

    • Raise personal and organisational awareness of trauma
    • Gain a working appreciation of the types of trauma and their possible impact
    • Gain knowledge of who is affected by trauma and its timescales
    • Get insight into human behaviour and what happens to us when traumatised
    • Achieve awareness of the behaviours of those suffering from trauma
    • Find out how to and what to do when dealing with trauma clients
    • Appreciate the impact of trauma on services and staff and what makes a trauma informed organisation.
    • Be able to signpost clients to available support services
    • Understand how to self-protect when working with those suffering with trauma (job satisfaction, motivation, resilience).

    Positive business outcomes

    The training will assist in developing a trauma informed service practice for organisations and individuals:

    • Ensuring services are delivered in ways that prevent further harm or re-traumatisation
    • Inform service delivery practices for the people we work with and for
    • How to apply learning to benefit the organisation.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone who works with individuals who may suffer from trauma:

    Housing, homelessness, refugee workers, community service staff, general needs and supported/specialist housing staff.  This includes a range of staff from reception, frontline service delivery, voluntary support workers, through to governance, board and policy/strategy teams.

    Please be aware that this programme because of its nature, some may find its contents and activities disturbing or trigger sensitive.  Please keep this in mind when considering course attendance.  Our trainer will provide a supportive environment and every measure will be taken to minimise any discomfort or harm that the subject matter may initiate for any individual participant. 

  • Our trainer

    Sharon Bryan works with organisations, teams, and people and their behaviours to bring about individual centric change that’s both effective and authentic.  Her person orientated approach helps people to discover their own strength of behavioural power that can overcome the hurdles that hinder growth, achieve lasting results, and enable them to face challenge, take control, be committed, and develop self and interpersonal awareness in all prevailing areas of life. She has a supportive solution based coaching style that draws from her own life experiences and gives the bits that the theory books can’t.

    Sharon has many years corporate, public, and private sector senior management and leadership experience delivering services and leading multi-million sale, privatisation, transfer and change projects before she refocused her own skills into the personal development world. Sharon uses her empathetic, connection, creative and supportive challenge abilities to help others overcome obstacles and build their own capacity.  Sharon’s solid delivery background brings a credibility and insight to all her coaching, mentoring, facilitation, and training delivery where she has worked alongside some awesome clients across a multitude of sectors throughout the world.

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