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The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Network is designed to help your organisation achieve true equality, diversity and inclusion, by giving you the tools and provoking thought on different and more inclusive ways of working. From change at the very core of the organisation, through to how to deal with face-to-face discrimination, our expert advice and best practice is an essential part of the journey.

What do members get?

  • Free places at our regular virtual best practice groups
  • Access to peer support through our ‘ask the members’ service and WhatsApp group
  • Specialist support through our ‘ask the expert’ service
  • An online documents library providing access to exclusive toolkits, briefings, news, reports and opinion pieces
  • Discount from relevant events and training, including at our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network annual conference.

What topics are covered?

  • Gender equality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race and religion
  • Transgender and intersex
  • Board representation
  • Recruitment
  • How to champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and influence others
  • Tenant profiling
  • Supporting tenants from different and diverse communities
  • Changing learned and ingrained behaviour and cultures.

What do members say?

“I joined the best practice group as someone who is both fairly new to their role and new to equality and diversity more generally. I was made to feel welcome and it has definitely helped to build my confidence in equality and diversity issues despite only being in the role for a short amount of time. This group is a valuable resource that is and will continue to be a regular occurrence in my diary.”

“I’ve found the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network a really useful and safe space to talk to other housing related organisations around their EDI agenda and how they do things. It helps members share best practice in the sector with food for thought at the end of each session, on how we as a sector and individual organisations can go further on our EDI agendas to support our tenants and wider the community.”

Interested in joining? Please email [email protected] for more information and a quote.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network

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