How do you divide your time and focus between working and family and/or leisure activities? You’d be surprised how many people never think about this, ironically, because they’re too busy.

But simply, if you don’t have any balance, one or both aspects of your life will suffer. They won’t be going how you want them to. And it’s likely, you won’t be happy. Training and development are relevant to both home and work life. And everything is over-arched, and dictated, by time, and of course money. Which is why training and development is becoming harder to justify and secure. But even more important.

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    This interactive session will cover:

    • What work-life balance is and why is it so important
    • Thinking about where you want to be and how to get there
    • Making the most of training and mentoring
    • Compartmentalisation
    • Taking time, and making the most of it

    I’m not ashamed to say that I struggled with work-life balance, for a long time. Many people do. And it made me very unwell. So, this session is an opportunity to think about your life properly, maybe, in a different way from how you have before. It can be hard to think about what is missing from your life, and people often throw themselves onto one side of the balance, because something is missing in the other. It’s not healthy, but many of us have, or are doing this. And nobody should judge coping mechanisms because you don’t know the reason for them.

    This session offers time and space to start thinking about redressing the balance. Because balance is a vital part of life.

    Who should attend?

    Work life balance affects and is important to everyone. Whether you’re a manager or frontline colleague, working in human resources, or training and development. You might be new to a role or sector; or feel yourself stagnating. You might be struggling to find balance in your life. You might feel lost, need to focus, recalibrate, change direction. Or just need time to think.

  • Our speakers

    Stephen Gillatt is a housing practitioner with a decade of sector experience. Half of this was within income recovery, which saw the introduction of Universal Credit. Stephen is author of a book about fatherhood and mental health. He lives with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar ii, and is YMHFA trained. He has appeared in national and local press talking about mental health. Stephen uses his blend of professional and lived experience to open up subjects and ideas which people find uncomfortable and talks in a way which makes them feel more comfortable.

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