The final two sessions in our series consider the end of the process – the final chapter. There’s a lot to cover so we’ve split this into two parts. Part one – the customer experience and part two – the technical repairs issues. 

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    Our workshops are tracking the voids process from ‘end to end’ through the entire ‘life cycle’ of an empty home. Each stage is considered from all possible angles – the customer experience, costs, efficiencies, sustainability.

    Part 1: The customer experience

    This session will explore everything to do with the lettings and signup process:

    • Arrangements for lettings – site visits and viewings
    • Advice on moving in including getting services reinstated
    • Sign-up pack – contents, virtual or hard copy
    • Information on safety in the home including information around:
      • asbestos,
      • fire safety
      • electrical safety
      • gas safety
      • in case of emergencies – location of main consumer unit, stop tap etc.
    • Best practice around fire safety in medium and high-rise blocks particularly in relation to personal escape plans
    • Advice on energy efficiency and how to use the heating system efficiently
    • Advice on fuel and other types of poverty/debt
    • White goods
    • Carpeting and floor coverings – provision of, or retention of pre-existing good quality carpets and floor coverings
    • Post tenancy visit at approximately six weeks after sign up
    • Identifying and monitoring outstanding repairs
    • Customer satisfaction measures
    • Performance indicators
    • Resident engagement – tenant inspectors of voids standards.

     The sessions will be chaired by Kevin Bentley, HQN’s expert on repairs and maintenance and voids management.

  • Our programme

    10.30 Welcome and introductions

      • Kevin Bentley, Associate, HQN

    10.35 Empty properties from a customer perspective

      • Kevin Bentley, Associate, HQN

    11.00 Disability, lettings standards and the lettings process

      • Nu McAdam, Consultant and Trustee, Hyde Housing Association

    11.30 Break

    11.40 Innovative approaches to viewings and sign up

      • Jane Steadman, Estate and Tenancy Team Leader, Harlow Council

    12.00 Breakout sessions

    12.25 Questions and thoughts

    12.30 Close

  • Our speakers

    Kevin Bentley, Associate, HQN

    Kevin has worked in social housing in both the local government and housing association sectors for over 25 years, specialising in housing maintenance and stock investment issues. Kevin has been a HQN Associate for over 14 years, providing advice and support to many housing organisations.

    He has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of operational delivery and strategic asset management in the sector. He regularly carries out reviews of gas servicing and maintenance for organisations. He has in-depth knowledge of service delivery and best practice in the sector delivered by in-house/DLO contractors and out-sourced arrangements

    Kevin is also one of HQN’s key accreditation assessors specialising in HQN: DLO and HQN: gas repairs and asset management accreditations. He is also one of HQN’s trainers responsible for contract management and procurement.

    Kevin has carried out upwards of 120 service reviews and similar in-depth assessments of repairs and maintenance services for HQN clients, including a large number of gas servicing and maintenance reviews for organisations with both in-house contractors or outsourced and hybrid arrangements.

    Nu McAdam, Consultant and Trustee, Hyde Housing Association

    Nu is an accessibility consultant for their local trans lgbtq charity as well as an independent coordinator for buildings trying to make themselves more accessible. Nu also works as a self-employed researcher for unspoken topics regarding disability accessibility and independence. Amongst all their other projects, they are also on the customer voice board for hyde housing as a resident.

    Jane Steadman, Estate and Tenancy Team Leader, Harlow Council

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