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The RSH have indicated that there will be a greater focus on VfM across the social housing sector especially as following the rent reduction in 2015 most organisations have indicated that their operating costs will have to fall.

We are offering a VfM masterclass that:
  • Explains what VfM really means
  • Examines your approach to VfM and identifies any gaps
  • Compares your Cost Per Unit (CPU) figure to others
  • Reviews VfM initiatives being undertaken across the sector
This course can be tailored to suit the needs of the board and/or senior managers.
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    After undertaking the course attendees will have:
    • A better understanding of their organisation’s current VfM performance
    • Identified the areas where VfM improvements are needed
    • Outlined the actions that could be taken to improve the organisation’s performance
  • Our trainer

    Ian Parker has worked in the public sector for 40 years. During his career he has worked in senior positions in local government and has been the Finance Director at four RPs. Ian has worked as a consultant for the last ten years and during that period has:

    • Developed HQN’s VfM metric model
    • Provided advice to clients about the sector’s VfM agenda
    • Undertaken in excess of 50 mock In Depth Assessments (IDAs)
    • Developed HQN’s merger model.

    Ian is HQN’s Lead Finance Associate and in that role he provides advice to members of the Housing Finance Network and also ensures that they receive relevant news and technical updates.

We can bring this course to you.
If you have five or more staff interested our in-house training offers great value for money.

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