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The RSH is changing the way it looks at your costs. And you need to know about it for this year’s value for money (VfM) self-assessment – even more so if you are subject to an In-Depth Assessment (IDA). The regulator has already calculated your headline social housing costs per property and it will use this data, along with other intelligence, when considering your viability and governance arrangements.

Known as the ‘Cost Per Unit’ (CPU) or ‘Unit Cost Analysis’ (UCA) the measure is used to generate a ‘headline social housing cost-per-unit’ for registered providers.

We have scrutinised the data. We will let you know what you need to do and when, and how to use the data to inform your board and business plans.

Have you just got your RSH letter on costs? Do you want to know where the RSH is going with this? Have you worked out how you compare to others? How do you use it in your next Value for Money (VfM) self-assessment?

This training session will answer your questions.

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    By the end of the session you will know:

    • Exactly how the RSH put the figures together
    • Why they launched this VfM drive now
    • The rationale behind the regression analysis
    • How you will be expected to use the data
    • The way in which the RSH will probe on VfM during your IDA.
    We have put together a model that uses the same source data as the RSH. It will let you:
    • Compare costs to peers of your choice
    • Benchmark your costs using the same categories of service that the RSH uses
    • Produce graphs that can go straight into your assessment at the touch of a button.
    The model will help you prove that you are benchmarking the right way.
    Who should attend?
    This training will be beneficial to practitioners at all levels working within:
    • Finance
    • Executive teams and executive support
    • VfM specialist roles
    • Audit
    • Asset management
    • Business management
    • Development
    • Performance
    • Policy
    • Resources
    • Strategy.
  • Our trainer

    Ian Parker is HQN’s Lead Finance Associate and head of our Housing Finance Excellence Network. He has promoted VfM across the sector for many years and he has helped several organisations to be regraded upwards following VfM downgrades.

We can bring this course to you.
If you have five or more staff interested our in-house training offers great value for money.

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