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We all know how important it is to use the ‘right’ language and terminology – to be inclusive, to reflect  and respect different identities. But the way we talk about identity and culture is constantly evolving so it can be confusing.

If you want to understand and explore this topic further – this is the session for you. We’ll cover all the key terms and characteristics associated with diversity:

  • Equality, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Different terms to describe people of different races
  • The use of pronouns – gender, transgender and non-binary
  • Ableism and disablism
  • Sexuality.
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    The session will bring you up to speed with the latest best practice. It will raise your awareness and confidence by ensuring you understand the appropriate term to use in different circumstances and the implications of getting it wrong.

    There’ll be time to ask questions about particular areas or terms as well as debate any issues that are concerning you.

    Who should attend?

    Everyone who wants to raise their awareness of the language around diversity and the most appropriate terms to use.

  • Our trainer

    Colin Heyman has worked as a trainer, consultant and coach in equality and diversity for over 20 years, and has worked with small companies, large public sector organisations, and third sector organisations, including housing associations. Colin is the Lead Consultant for the HQN Equality, Diversity and Inclusion network. Amongst other things, Colin specialises in supporting a network of Diversity Champions to be change agents, and bring about change within their organisation, and in work on white privilege and allyship. Through his work, Colin hopes to bring about improved practice in equality and diversity, help people to realise that equality, diversity and Inclusion (EDI) permeates most of what we do, get the issues discussed and enable people to feel comfortable about debating these important issues.

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