The role of frontline housing staff has changed beyond recognition. What’s the right balance – step in to plug the gaps or draw clearer boundaries? This session takes a practical look at the solutions.

Teams increasingly find themselves filling the gaps left by other services and having to deal with increasingly complex cases – sometimes without the necessary skills, training or support. The ongoing pandemic, poverty and mental health issues has led to a rise in challenges while partner organisations including councils, charities and the police are stretched to breaking point. They no longer have the finances and capacity to deal with every case and must prioritise those in the greatest need.

That leaves frontline housing teams facing a significant moral dilemma. Do we intervene and ask staff to deal with more complex cases? Or do we hold other services to account and draw much clearer boundaries on our roles?

  • If a tenant is threatening suicide and the police and social workers aren’t on hand to support, is it okay to send a housing officer?
  • Do we send people into potentially dangerous situations where domestic violence is occurring, in the hope it might save a life?

The Social Housing White Paper expects housing to play a role in tackling all of these issues – but where does our role stop, and the role of other expert services kick in?

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    This event shines a spotlight on the challenges and pressures frontline housing staff are dealing with on a daily basis and debates the question: where does the role of the housing officer begin and end?

    • Debate the issues with others
    • Hear from the experts
    • Hear from key partners
    • How landlords are equipping teams to deal with the issues
    • What’s working well – examples of how police and landlords are working together to tackle extreme anti-social behaviour
    • About partnership working on complex cases and mental health support for tenants and staff
    • The latest best practice around trauma-informed approaches,
    • How to stop people falling through the cracks.

    This is essential for all frontline housing teams:

    • Housing managers
    • Housing officers
    • Neighbourhood officers
    • ASB and enforcement officers
    • Estate services
    • Community liaison officers
    • Local authority housing teams
    • Customer service teams
    • Sustainability and income teams.

    As well as managers responsible for policy and partnerships.

  • Our speakers
    • Hina Patel, Head of Customer Operations, Acis
    • David Thorpe, Care and Health Manager, WDH
    • Foluke Ajayi​, Head of Neighbourhood Management (London), Network Homes
    • Suzanne Mazzone, Executive Director of Housing Services, ClwydAlyn
    • Tim Horsley, HQN Associate
    • Julie Walker, Head of Operations (Community Safety), Gentoo
    • Angela Gascoigne, CEO of SHAL.
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