Negative stress can impact on any of us. Mental health and wellbeing of staff should always be an important consideration for employers and employees alike. 

However, its more essential than ever in 2022 – having gone through a pandemic, having had to deal with some of the most challenging times ever faced in housing and care.

If staff members are struggling with stress, this will not only have a negative effect on them and their ability to work with tenants but can also impact on their team and the wider organisation. Simply put companies that look after their staff members’ mental health are also protecting their business.

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    Sometimes stress can be managed with a few minor adjustments at work or by using other simple strategies. But left unchecked stress can sometimes lead to long term mental health problems that need to be supported and managed in line with the Equalities Act 2010. Other staff members may be experiencing work-based stress that if not identified and supported effectively could lead to time off work and possibly the development of more long-term issues.

    This session will explore stress and stress management:

    • Understanding what stress is, where it comes from and how to identify it in ourselves and staff members.
    • What can be done to manage stress – from an organisational perspective and as individuals.
  • Our speakers

    Danny has been involved in supporting people with substance misuse, mental health, and other complex needs for 25 years. He has developed experience in many specialist areas – those with a dual diagnosis, personality disorders and offenders. Danny worked for several different charities and the NHS during his career in positions up to senior manager level. He has been delivering training for the past 20 years. Danny is a qualified life coach and therapist and along with his training, works privately with people with a range of issues.

    Danny uses a combination of his years of experience, training / qualifications, current good practice guidelines and research evidence to deliver his sessions. He uses a holistic interactive style that provides delegates with real skills and information, which they are then able to apply back in the workplace and beyond. He has delivered training and provided consultancy to numerous organisations during his career. Notable previous clients include the Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions the Home Office, Mind, Rethink, Together, Current clients include Crisis, Shelter, CGL, Places for people, Islington council.  Danny is also a senior trainer for HQN and Mosaic.

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