Lives have changed beyond recognition since the first Coronavirus wave and lockdown. Now restrictions are easing and people are feeling freer – but how has and is this impacting you and your residents? Where are the similarities? What challenges are we all facing? What possibilities might this be creating?


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    In this session we’ll look at:

    • What are the ongoing financial challenges?
    • Coping mechanisms and development of addictions?
    • How isolation is both comforting and suffocating people
    • Feelings about life, relationships, and death
    • Relationships with debt, reckless behaviour, and the future
    • What’s making us anxious – mixing in groups, transport, work?
    • Risk taking, stress and instability
    • Opportunities, employment and taking your chances.

    Reality is changing for all of us. The way we think and feel about life. Our attitudes to relationships and money. What is important to us and our hopes and fears for the future. Are we getting what we want out of life? Are we coping? And how might this change the way residents feel about their housing provider, their priorities, and the future of this relationship. And what can we do to make the best of it?

    Who should attend?

    Adapting to the pandemic is a vital part of all our lives.  This session is useful for everyone whatever level or job. Whether you’re working with residents, on the frontline or as part of a back office team.

  • Our speakers

    Stephen Gillatt is a housing practitioner, with a decade of sector experience, half of this within income recovery, which saw the introduction of Universal Credit. Author of a book about fatherhood and mental health, Stephen lives with borderline personality disorder and Bipolar ii. He is YMHFA trained and has appeared in national and local press talking about mental health. Stephen uses his blend of professional and lived experience to open up subjects and ideas which people find uncomfortable and talk in a way which makes them feel more comfortable.

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