This session will take you through what you must do. The latest Sector Risk Profile from the RSH tells boards to run stress tests nine, yes nine, times. So, it’s a big deal, the RSH see it as vital to the health of the sector.

That’s why we are putting on a session with the RSH to brief you on stress testing. Getting it right is good for your tenants, good for your business and good for your reputation. Your work on stress testing is scrutinised at each and every IDA. We have seen plenty of downgrades for poor stress testing. This session will explain precisely what you must do to avoid this fate.

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    “We expect the boards of private registered providers to be able to demonstrate that they have considered both the long-term, cyclical nature of economic factors that impact on the business as well as internal business risks and one-off shocks. All IDAs involve close consideration of a provider’s compliance with our specific expectations regarding detailed and robust stress testing.” 

    Regulating the standards

    Here is a summary of the latest Sector Risk Profile:

    Sector Risk Profile


    This workshop will cover:

    • RSH expectations on stress testing
    • Good practice on stress testing from housing and other sectors
    • The dos and don’ts: Practical step by step guide to effective stress testing
    • The role of the board and how they can demonstrate that they own stress testing
    • Using stress testing to improve your business planning and how you prepare for and respond to a crisis.

    “There are three main elements…. action, reaction, and counteraction” – General Stanley McChrystal. We will take you through each of these.

  • Our speakers
    • Alistair McIntosh, Chief Executive, HQN
    • Will Perry, Director Strategy, RSH and Karen Doran, Assistant Director Regulatory Operations, RSH
    • Adrian Jolliffe, Director, 2tix Ltd
    • Ian Parker, HQN Housing Finance Network associate.
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