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The ability to monitor, manage and resolve poor performance presents a big challenge to line managers. But failing to do so means we may become complicit in that behaviour. Research shows how a manager’s inability to manage a poor performer can have a negative impact on the rest of the team – yes, even your star performers!

This workshop addresses that challenge and provides techniques and structured approaches to highlight performance and behaviours that are below standard, hold mutually respectful conversations, put measures in place and monitor progress in line with your organisation’s performance management system.

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    You will learn how to:

    • Define what is meant by poor performance versus ‘having a bad week’
    • Identify internal and external factors that lead to poor performance
    • Ensure that your management approach is aligned with your internal performance management systems
    • Move through the continuum of discussion from informal conversation through to formal recording of conversation with defined and timed actions
    • Conduct and structure performance discussions using inclusive language
    • Maintain emotional resilience
    • Decide the next steps and when to escalate and involve HR.

    What the course will cover:

    • The classic signs of under performance
    • Impact of poor performance on the team, the manager, customers and the business
    • Checking – is it a square peg in a round hole?
    • Grasping the nettle – how to start the conversation
    • Using a 3D approach – Data, Delivery, Direction
    • Doing it ‘The Welch Way’
    • The 6-step approach to performance improvement
    • Shining a light on the ‘wash-rinse-repeat’ cycle
    • Dealing with emotional hijackers and taking the HEAT out of the situation
    • Moving to action.

    Who should attend:

    Team leaders, supervisors and managers who have responsibility for getting the best out of team members and maximising their performance.

  • Our trainer

    Sue Waterall is a member of the Chartered Management Institute and an accredited StrengthsScope Practitioner, with a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice. She is a skilled trainer and facilitator, with significant experience in the social housing sector. Passionate about personal and team development, Sue uses her energy to create a positive, stimulating learning environment where everyone is included and best practice is shared.

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    Otherwise, a cancellation fee of £60 plus VAT will be chargeable.

    If you are using a package place to attend and do not inform us within the agreed time frame, then a place will be taken to cover your non-attendance.

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12 October 2022
9:00am - 1:00pm
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