Our inaugural Cymru Leaders Forum will bring together Chief Executives and Executive Directors from across Welsh housing to reflect on the challenges we’ll face in the second half of 2022.

In what we aim to be an annual event we’re offering housing leaders the chance to pause, reflect on the year to date and discuss where we go next as a sector.

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    You’ll hear from Keith Edwards, HQN lead for the Cymru Can Do Network, along with key note speakers from across housing and beyond.

    This best practice group will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is new to the network, or has not attended a best practice group before.

    Why come to the best practice group?

    • Great to find out what others are doing
    • Good honest and open discussions
    • Sharing best practice and ideas with others in similar roles
    • Acts as a sense-check about what people are doing or thinking of doing.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Our facilitator

    Keith Edwards is a former director of CIH Cymru and TPAS Cymru. He came to the housing sector via the trade union, co-operative and community development movements. As a consultant, he has worked for Welsh Government Ministers, the Housing Regulator and a number of local authorities, housing associations and private companies.

    He has wide experience of stakeholder involvement; developing strategy, option appraisals, designing new service models and supporting co-operative and mutual housing. He has particular expertise in helping organisations get the maximum social, economic and environmental benefits from their investment and service delivery, having set up and run the innovative i2i project for Welsh Government.

    Keith is currently working with Kensington and Chelsea Council and its residents on future engagement and service options. He is also supporting a number of Welsh landlords with resident engagement.”

  • Cancellations and substitutions

    Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be acknowledged by HQN Limited. Delegates may be substituted at any time.

Dates and prices