Let’s talk about the challenges of undertaking health and safety compliance including resources, accountability and responsibility, IT and recording systems, technical skills and expertise, communication and transparency.

As always, the session will be facilitated by Debbie Larner, and take place via zoom.

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    The best practice group will lead the conversation, and as such, we will be flexible about where it takes us. Some topics we may discuss include:

    • What are the main practical challenges of ensuring compliance?
    • What does compliance mean in your organisation? Do your colleagues in other departments understand your function?
    • Where does it sit?
    • What status is your role (or the function) given compared to other areas of the business?
    • How do you manage compliance data – what IT, recording and monitoring systems do you use?
    • What assurance is required by your board/ governance?
    • What if something goes wrong – where does accountability and responsibility sit?

    This best practice group will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is new to the network, or has not attended a best practice group before.

    Why come to the best practice group?

    • Great to find out what others are doing
    • Good honest and open discussions
    • Sharing best practice and ideas with others in similar roles
    • Acts as a sense-check about what people are doing or thinking of doing.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    *Please note that places are limited to two per organisation. 

  • Cancellations and substitutions

    Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be acknowledged by HQN Limited. Delegates may be substituted at any time.

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