Ready for the big changes coming this year? Ensuring tenants’ safety in their homes is a landlords’ number one priority. This session will explain what you need to know and do.

We’re going to see some big changes this year.

Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are going to become mandatory, while electrical safety inspections are being adjusted.

The Fire Safety Act, which was made law in April, is likely to come into force early in the new year, extending the reach of the FFO and increasing the number and type of buildings in scope.

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    And we must prepare for the imminent Building Safety Bill, part of which will mean planning the safety case for all buildings over 18 meters

    Additionally, the new consumer regulatory regime and tenant satisfaction measures will be introduced. New measures will focus on compliance with the ‘big 6’ health and safety obligations, including overall tenant satisfaction with the health and safety of their home. Gearing up to ensure that you have the right measures in place across all areas of compliance will be essential.

    The challenge of managing health and safety, and the risks involved, constantly changes, and evolves. For example, with more of us working from home (including our tenants), the risk of fire and electrical incidents has increased.

    We all know that ensuring tenants are safe in their homes is a social landlord’s top priority so attending this session should be top of your list too.

    This event will help you prepare for what’s coming, while providing information, good practice, and guidance on existing regulatory and statutory requirements, and covering key landlord safety compliance on gas, asbestos management, water hygiene, electrical safety, lifts, and fire.

    • Compliance – are you meeting your responsibilities?
    • Data up-to-date, complete, consistent?
    • And what do your residents think?

    You’ll learn about your compliance responsibilities, what you can do to ensure you’re meeting the requirements of legislation, and how you can make sure your tenants are safe in their homes.

    What we’ll cover

    Starting with an overview of the key changes expected in 2022, the focus will then switch to the main compliance issues:

    • Gas safety
      • Getting the basics right
      • Challenges with access
      • New requirements on carbon monoxide alarms
    • Electrical safety
      • New expectations on electrical safety inspections
    • Fire safety
      • Requirement for smoke alarms in all social housing
      • An update on the Fire Safety Act 2021
    • Asbestos
      • Getting the basics right
      • Risk management
      • Data management and integrity
    • Water safety
    • Lift safety.

    Our experts will highlight your responsibilities – what you must do to meet legislation and how you can ensure the integrity of your data, along with the latest good practice.

    Why should you attend? 

    You’ll improve your understanding of all the key changes to regulation, legislation, and best practice, and go away with confidence that you’re managing your compliance responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

    Health and safety regulation, legislation, and best practice are constantly changing. It’s your responsibility to stay up to date and adapt to the changes.

    This really is essential for everyone working in the maintenance, delivery, reporting, management, and assurance of compliance.

    Don’t miss this chance to understand your compliance obligations.

  • Our speakers
    • Debbie Larner, Freelance Housing Consultant
    • Steve Pettitt, Director of Safety, L&Q
    • Kevin Bentley, HQN associate
    • Glyn Morgan, Product Safety Engineer, Gallagher
    • Peter Leavers, Director, Stonewood Lift Consultants Ltd
    • Giuseppe Capanna, Technical Team, Electrical Safety First.
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