Every organisation has invested in technology only for the promised outcomes not to be achieved. So how can social landlords be sure that an investment in technology will deliver what they’ve been sold.

Hear from organisations who will talk about their personal experiences both before and after taking a ‘RentTest’ and answer any questions you may have. Want to ensure an investment in software delivers what you were promised? This exclusive seminar will allow you to see how some technology businesses can do just that.

‘RentTest’ is a free service from Mobysoft, whereby they run your data through a standard build of RentSense and compare the outcome (for the weekly caseload) to your current system’s actual weekly arrears caseload. It then analyses the difference between the two systems and presents back facts and figures. It highlights the number of over presented arrears as well as highlighting any missed cases. Mobysoft validate the findings with you, and also share examples of over presented and missed cases with you and the team. In turn Mobysoft can demonstrate an accurate return your organisation would achieve with RentSense.

However, this event is not about selling RentSense, but about discovery of the performance of your systems compared to RentSense. And so where it uncovers systems are working well it clearly validates that there is no need for additional investment in other systems.

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    Why attend:

    • Validate and understand the ROI for RentSense for your organisation (bespoke service)
    • Understand your level of involvement and how you validate findings
    • Benchmark your systems against 180 other landlords (and specifically against those with the same systems)
    • See how the RentSense solution and service has evolved
    • Understand why 65% of new customers in 2021 have invested having reviewed RentSense at least twice previously before investing
    • Understand how RentSense now fully integrates with all Housing Management and CRM systems
    • RentTest is a commitment free service that landlords can use to benchmark their system against the sector’s leading solution.

    What will you take away from the event?

    A practical takeaway demonstration of how you can participate in your own RentTest for your own organisation, along with an understanding of the potential benefits that RentSense can deliver for your organisations.

    There will also be insight on how RentSense impacts housing and income officers’ roles and responsibilities and how it impacts overall performance. As well as data insight from across the sector around income collection and performance

    Essential for:

    • Directors of Housing
    • Directors, Heads of and managers of IT functions
    • Directors and Heads of Customers Service / Operations
    • Directors and Heads of Housing & Income
    • Directors and Heads of Income / rent collection
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