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Suitable for:       All What does this mean?

This is a highly interactive, one-day course for all staff who would like to improve their confidence when dealing with unacceptable behaviour from tenants.

Staff are in regular contact with people who are experiencing significant personal, financial, emotional, medical, and mental health issues and are often faced with customers whose behaviour towards them, or other customers is unacceptable.

What participants will learn:

  • Being aware of some of the causes of unacceptable behaviour
  • Understanding the stages of conflict
  • Having the right mindset to enable you to influence someone’s behaviour
  • Understanding how our brains work to effectively deal with unacceptable behaviour
  • Knowing the various tools needed to de-escalate conflict
  • Proactively finding ways of diffusing situations before they escalate
  • Knowing how our unconscious bias can affect relationships
  • Understanding how to respond rather than react.
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    What the course will cover

    Learning to cope and deal with unacceptable behaviour does not mean putting up with it. The overall goal is to respond to difficult situations effectively and safely.

    There is no “one size fits all” approach, but being prepared and dealing with it early to avoid it escalating, is crucial to successfully defusing the situation.

    Building up a virtual toolbox of responses and always trying different options will increase your confidence in handling unacceptable behaviour situations.

    The training is delivered through a series of interactive sessions.

    Who should attend

    Any member of staff who deal with tenants face to face.

    Contact centre staff.

  • Our trainer

    Nancy Witham has more than 30 years experience within the Social Housing Sector. She delivers innovative, engaging interactive training to operational staff in Repairs & Maintenance, Neighbourhood, Customer Service and Business IT systems. Nancy’s style of training makes learning enjoyable and relevant and her training programmes receive consistently excellent feedback.

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