Find out about citizen science and how it can reimagine your approach to tenant participation.

Tenant participation is high on the agenda. But we’ve still not got it right. Whilst we invest time and resources too often the approach is ad hoc lacking in structure and purpose and doesn’t deliver what we expect it to – both for tenants and landlords. Citizen science can help.

Citizen science is a process that has been used extensively on large scale science projects. The principles can be applied to the social housing sector, providing:

  • Scientific rigour
  • Clarity about the purpose
  • Interaction with tenants on the design and approach
  • Ethical considerations.

Hannah Absalom will use cutting edge research to explain how citizen science can link together all your participation activities and establish clear social and business purposes that work for tenants and landlords.

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    The workshop will cover:

    • The context – an understanding (and history) of tenant participation
    • What is citizen science?
    • Case studies showing how it can be applied to tenant participation.

    Get ahead of the game. Find out how citizen science can modernise your tenant participation programme and:

    • Ensure it meets social and business needs
    • Ensure it gets ahead of likely future directions in government policy.

    Why should you attend?

    • This workshop will be of interest to anyone wanting to refresh their approach to tenant participation.
    • It is particularly relevant to eveyone working with residents or responsible for resident engagement.
  • Our speakers

    Hannah Absalom has worked in social housing for 18 years prior to starting her PhD that examines the use of behavioural insights in social housing in England and the Netherlands. She is currently finishing her thesis and one of the chapters focuses on participation techniques including citizen science.

    Hannah co-founded the www.socialhousingmatters.co.uk website, a critical friend to social housing. Her research has taken her to the cutting edge of thinking about the direction of social housing. She wants to ensure that the human does not get lost when imagining a social housing future shaped by technology and innovation. She is interested in the ethics of innovation and advocates for thinking and emotion as key precursory steps to action.

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