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April 2024 sees the implementation of the biggest changes in regulation for more than a decade.  Is your board up for the challenge?

Being a board member can be very rewarding, but it isn’t easy, and it’s about to get even more challenging. The focus on boards and board members has already intensified beyond recognition over the last few years.

Now, hot on the heels of IDAs, sector failures in fire, damp and mould, the impact of the housing ombudsman and the enormous financial issues of inflation, rent caps and carbon neutrality targets, the governance responsibilities are about to be ratcheted up still further with the biggest regulatory changes in years coming into effect in April.

There are already plenty of plates that need spinning – strategy, scrutiny, compliance, assurance, risk management, safety, financial control, business planning…the list goes on.

The new, proactive consumer regulation – and inspection – regime will present boards with yet more challenges and responsibilities.

That’s why we’ve designed a new series of training sessions for 2024 to help you through the maze. The sessions offer a comprehensive guide to good governance but with an added emphasis on the consumer regulatory changes, hearing the customer voice and preparing for the new regime.

How well prepared are your non-execs and executive teams? Are your governance arrangements fit for purpose? Are board members well informed, skilled and knowledgeable about your organisation and what’s going on in the  sector and the wider world?

And how challenging are board meetings? Do members look at the right things? Are they too operational? Are there dominant personalities, indecisive debates, unclear decisions, too many committees…?

How much do boards and executive teams really understand about the day to day ‘customer experience’?

For executive teams and senior managers, supporting boards and committees, and providing the information they need in the form that best suits them, is a constant balancing act. Too much information or too little? Too many meetings and committees or too few?

Good governance has never been more challenging. Whether you are a board member needing to know where to focus your attention, or an executive team wondering how best to meet the needs – and expectations – of your board, you need to be on top of your brief.

These lively, interactive, half-day practical sessions will highlight the key points of good governance and prompt your thinking on how your organisation can deliver the best in governance, as well as meeting the new consumer challenges.

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    Key themes include:

    • What’s the purpose of governance: what should a board do?
    • How to listen to the resident voice in governance – and act on it
    • What does the Regulator expect, and how should you be responding to the new regime?
    • What should a board do, and what shouldn’t it do?
    • What’s the best governance structure and framework for your organisation?
    • How can you maximise the effectiveness of the board as a team?
    • Beyond the boardroom – what should happen between meetings?
    • The scrutiny role: overseeing performance
    • How to gain assurance, minimise risk, and ensure compliance
    • How do you attract and retain high quality board members with the right skills?
    • What does a good board meeting look like?

    Who should attend?

    • Chairs and non-executive directors
    • Chief executives
    • Executive teams
    • Governance teams
    • Company secretaries.
  • Our trainer

    The sessions will be presented by Peter Walters, former housing association chief executive, chair and non-executive director of housing organisations, an expert on governance and working with boards, and author of HQN’s new Guide to Good Governance, which will be made available to delegates taking part.

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13 June 2024
10:00am - 1:00pm
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17 July 2024
10:00am - 1:00pm
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