Be Reasonable! This session looks at the principle of “reasonableness” and what this means in relation to charges and fees.

“Reasonableness” is an extremely important concept in leasehold management and charging. All charges – service charges, management fees and admin charges, must be able to withstand the test of being “reasonable”. If leaseholders believe their charges are unreasonable, they can take their concerns to the First-tier Tribunal (FTT).

Given all the disruption to services which have been caused by Covid-19 and the predictions of 2022 being the “year of the squeeze” charges are likely to come under greater than ever scrutiny from leaseholders. So, it’s vitally important to get them right and avoid cases going to the FTT.

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    But what is ‘reasonableness’ in relation to charges and fees? And what factors do you need to take into account?

    This session takes a practical look at what “reasonableness” means and how it fits into the bigger picture of managing and costing services for leaseholders.

    It will consider:

    • What does ‘reasonable’ look like?
    • Are your levels of fees and charges ‘reasonable’ (in the grander scheme of things)?
    • How do you gauge it? What evidence do you need?
    • Are the levels ‘reasonable’ value for money for your leaseholders (i.e. not low cost but with cheap services, nor gold standard services but at a premium price, but a fair cost for a decent and efficient service)?
    • Why do leasehold services need to be ‘reasonable’?  What are the implications if fees and charges aren’t “reasonable”?

    Join Leasehold Network specialist Jackie Dickins, and practitioners from local authorities and housing associations, for this essential practical session.

  • Our speakers
    • Jackie Dickins, The Leasehold Network Associate, HQN
    • Ian Parker, The Housing Finance Network Associate, HQN.
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