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Learn how to connect ideas, explore concepts, stay up to date with trends, anticipate change and imagine possible futures at this virtual workshop.

In these unprecedented and challenging times, strategic leadership is needed more than ever.

But strategic thinking can be an elusive concept to grasp. For some people it’s something they have been told is an area to work on to improve their chances of promotion, for others it’s something they do on a regular basis but struggle to articulate to others exactly what it looks and feels like.

Several studies have identified strategic thinking as a key skill in leading organisations to success and is the leadership quality that people most strongly associate with successful and effective leaders, meaning strategic thinking is an essential skill for all leaders.

So, what is strategic thinking? It involves connecting ideas, exploring concepts, staying up to date with trends, anticipating change and imagining possible futures.

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    This workshop:

    • Explores definitions of strategic thinking
    • Considers the importance of strategic thinking to tackling social problems
    • Highlights the benefits of strategic thinking
    • Focuses on creating a knowledge bank of ideas and concepts.

    During the session, delegates will complete a number of reflective activities to identify the actions they will take to enhance their strategic thinking skills following the session.

    This workshop will be delivered by Emma Lindley, Housing Strategy Lead Officer for Ashfield District Council.

  • Our trainer

    Emma Lindley is a housing professional with 10 years’ experience working in a variety of roles, including front line housing management, resident involvement, policy development and managing properties for PRS landlords.

    She is happiest when exploring interesting ideas with interesting people. She currently works in strategic housing for a local authority, leading on identifying new solutions to old problems, such as homelessness, domestic abuse and fuel poverty.

    Emma completed a BSc Housing at De Montfort University in 2014. She Chairs the Chartered Institute of Housing East Midlands Regional Board and is a Lead Associate of HQN’s Strategic Network.

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