HQN and Pivigo are hosting a free two-part workshop exclusively for innovative income managers with a passion for driving efficiency in collection. 

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    Session 1 – 24 November 13:00 – 14:30pm

    Chaired by RIEN lead associate, Kim Long, and lead by Neil Forrest, Pivigo, we will explore some of the key questions around strategy and operations in income collection and arrears. There are different approaches in place across the sector, from generic to specialist plus other ways to manage the work. Similarly, almost every team has their own approach – for prioritising cases, for arrears reduction strategies, for tenancy sustainment strategies.

    Take part in our interactive discussion to examine:

    •      What are the reasons why a single best practice approach across the sector has not emerged?
    •      What does success look like at an organisational level, at an officer level and for the customer?
    •      What does the “optimal caseload” of income officers look and feel like?
    •      What is the best measure of success for income teams? (With a strong focus on outcomes, not activity)
    •      What are the main challenges to productivity?

    Session 2 – 11 January 10:30 – 12:00pm

    Taking the insights shared in the first session, Pivigo will present back a synthesis of all the ideas in a “blueprint for the ideal approach”.

    We will discuss and define some meaningful KPIs that focus on outcomes and performance

    Find out how a data-led approach can help to turn the aspirations from Session 1 a reality.  Plus:

    • You’ll have the opportunity to see how Occupi, Pivigo’s AI-powered product that helps social housing providers mitigate escalating debts stemming from tenants’ rent arrears, works in action
    • And gain frontline insights – we will talk to income teams using Occupi every day and hear how it is improving performance and productivity.

    Company profile

    Pivigo specialises in providing Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service to Social Housing, Consumer Finance and Local Government.

    Occupi is Pivigo’s AI-powered product that helps social housing providers mitigate escalating debts stemming from tenants’ rent arrears. It is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines that help social housing providers manage their income collection by identifying cases which pose the greatest risk and recommending an optimised and truly preventative approach to caseload management.


    • Maximises team productivity through data driven intelligence
    • Learns and understands tenant behaviour and tenancy stability to prioritise workload
    • Helps ensure sustainable tenancies by enabling targeted preventative strategies
    • Identifies future arrears cases before they happen.

    The system is helping progressive housing teams redefine their approach to income collection using a more intelligent and data driven method, including Peabody, Camden, Community Housing and Cobalt Housing.

  • Our speakers

    Maryam Qurashi – Product Manager and Data Scientist 

    Maryam is Product Manager for Occupi, providing income intelligence for Housing teams. She works closely with Income teams in Housing to ensure the product gives them the insights they need and has the features to help them be efficient and highly productive.

    Maryam completed her PhD in Physical Chemistry at Imperial College London in 2015. She is passionate and curious about data ethics, the philosophy of data and the enormous potential of data science to benefit and enhance society.

    Neil Forrest – Chief Commercial Officer for Occupi

    Neil Forrest is the Chief Commercial Officer at Pivigo, the Company behind Occupi. He works with Housing Associations to help them adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.. Neil is passionate about the positive impact that AI and predictive analytics can bring to the housing sector, and has helped local authorities and independent providers to successfully adopt a more data driven approach.

    Chair – Kim Long, Senior Network Manager, HQN 

    Kim has worked in the housing sector for over 25 years with a keen eye on front line service provision, customer service and staff induction processes to develop a value driven culture, and leading approach towards tenant engagement. With experience in several areas of housing management including lettings and neighbourhoods her heart lies in income collection, with a longstanding and firm belief that the provision of help, advice and early intervention, instead of reliance on enforcement, is key to sustainability and the reduction of arrears and evictions. As Lead Associate Kim’s aim is to make RIEN a more dynamic platform, providing the sector with a way of highlighting best practice, to make a louder noise and demonstrating the value of the services it provides.

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