Do you feel under pressure to merge? Is it really the right answer for you? We can give you impartial advice.

There’s no doubt that a merger will be the right answer for some but you need to look into the pros and cons carefully. It will cost a lot of money to set up a merger. And they don’t always work out.

HQN can help you to look before you leap. We can:

  • Test out the effect of a potential merger on your business plan
  • Evaluate the impact of mitigating actions you can take like making efficiencies, channel shifting, finding alternative sources of funding, cost sharing deals and giving a revised service offer to tenants
  • Assess your viability and capacity to deliver as a stand-alone RP
  • Identify potential merger partners and analyse their accounts to estimate the savings (and transaction costs) that merger could bring.

Please note: We will not seek further work with you on a merger if that is the right option for you. That would be a conflict of interest. We do not represent third parties.