Proving your worth – keeping tenants safe while meeting the consumer standards

The countdown has started. The Regulator of Social Housing’s inspections begin in Spring 2024. Meanwhile, the Housing Ombudsman is publishing its special reports into investigations at landlords. No one wants to receive a follow up letter from the minister.

HQN can support you to answer the key inspection questions.

Can you prove you:

  • Hold the right data on all your homes?
  • Have accurate Tenant Satisfaction Measures and act on them?
  • Are taking all necessary steps to keep residents safe?
  • Are listening to and acting on what residents say?
  • Deal with complaints thoroughly? Do you learn from them?
  • Tailor services around the needs of tenants and look after vulnerable people?

Are your plans to improve services plausible? Are they SMART?

Does your board or cabinet have a firm grip on the service? Can they answer questions from inspectors?

We can:

  • Brief leadership teams on what the RSH and Housing Ombudsman expects of you
  • Brief staff on how they can help meet the standards – “Empowering staff is key to improving service delivery” says the Housing Ombudsman
  • Run reality checks on the quality of customer-facing services (e.g. call handling, voids and record keeping)
  • Analyse the quality of complaint handling
  • Provide hands on help – document reviews and on-tap critical friend support through to intelligence-led in-depth mock inspections.

No landlord will be perfect at the start. HQN is working with landlords of all types and sizes, including those that have been through the RSH pilot exercises.

We have a service for every budget, with discounts for HQN members. Members get access to our self-assessment toolkit on the consumer standards.

“The most helpful (and engaging!) session I’ve been to on consumer regs (and I’ve been to a few!). I shared the slides with our exec and leadership, flagging the key task slides in particular – some great challenges.”
Rosie Hazeldine, settle

To find out more, contact Anna Pattison at [email protected]