Demonstrating that your gas safety arrangements and commissioning process have been scrutinised by a reputable and independent organisation is a measure of confidence your organisation and clients can trust.

Led by gas operation specialists with many years’ experience, HQN Accredit: Gas gives your in-house providers and contracting specialists unparalleled credibility and business assurance.

It is also a means of ensuring that your gas operation practices, safety measures and costs are best in class. For example, assessments and evaluation are undertaken in these key characteristics:

  • Organisation and promotion of gas safety
  • Contract commissioning and contractual relationships
  • Work planning and work records
  • Retrieval systems
  • Quality control
  • No access
  • Handling of voids, mutual exchanges and breakdowns
  • Recording and reporting of performance statistics
  • And more.

As an HQN Accredit: Gas holder, you will benefit from:

  • Recognition as a service provider that operates its gas strategy efficiently, effectively and is compliant with health and safety regulation, delivering an excellent service to tenants and residents
  • Recognition that the gas strategy of your organisation compares favourably with private and public sector housing organisations judged to be operating at optimum levels
  • Robust guidance and support from HQN’s specialist HQN Accredit: Gas consultants.

The mark of excellence and quality, proven under rigorous critical requirements and demonstrating your services have been scrutinised by a reputable and independent organisation and found to meet exacting standards is a measure of confidence your organisation and clients can trust. HQN Accredit: Gas is led by practitioners with many years’ experience in housing health and safety and provides your organisation with unrivalled credibility, integrity and additional value. In awarding accreditation HQN has a number of main objectives:

  • To support and advise organisations in the delivery of a high quality gas strategy
  • To support organisations in developing and enhancing their quality of provision
  • To enable an organisation to state publicly that it has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied HQN of the quality of its gas service delivery at the time of its inspection, and that it has a capacity to ensure relevant aspects of its gas strategy are maintained at a satisfactory level during the accreditation term.

HQN Accredit: Gas bases accreditation purely on evidence.