In-house training A-Z

  1. M: Maintaining positivity – half-day course
  2. M: Management: First steps into management – sink or swim!
  3. M: Management: How to develop from manager to leader – half-day course
  4. M: Management: Middle managers – intensive skills workshop
  5. M: Managing an agile workforce
  6. M: Managing for the first time – team leader and managers
  7. M: Managing IT for non-IT managers
  8. M: Managing risks for line managers – half-day course
  9. M: Managing: How to brilliantly manage remote teams – half-day course
  10. M: Meetings that work
  11. M: Meetings: Chairing meetings – half-day workshop
  12. M: Meetings: Effective meetings – chairing and minute taking
  13. M: Mental health awareness - advanced
  14. M: Mental health awareness for managers
  15. M: Mental health issues, substance abuse, suicidal behaviour – dealing with them – face to face and over the phone
  16. M: Mental health: Two-day mental health first aider training (England only)
  17. M: Mental toughness - A 'train the trainer' two-day in-house workshop - AQR approved
  18. M: Mergers – the people and culture aspects
  19. M: Mindfulness
  20. M: Minute taking: Taking the minutes – half-day workshop
  21. M: Modern slavery
  22. M: Money laundering – Anti money laundering half-day
  23. M: Money: Let’s talk money – having effective money conversations with tenants and leaseholders
  24. M: Motivational interviewing
  25. M: Mystery shopping – Becoming a mystery shopper - training for service users, tenants residents and customers
  26. M: Mystery shopping – designing a programme