The Charity Commission has launched an inquiry into Big Help Project, a Liverpool-based charity whose activities include providing accommodation to vulnerable adults.

The regulator first engaged with the charity proactively after identifying a significant increase in its reported income. It then identified concerns around trustee decision making, potential unauthorised trustee benefit and unmanaged conflicts of interest.

In order to investigate further, the Commission opened a statutory inquiry into the charity in December 2023. It will examine the administration, governance and management of the charity, including if:

  • Conflicts of interests and transactions with connected parties have been adequately identified and managed
  • There has been any unauthorised trustee benefit
  • Any misconduct and/or mismanagement led to financial losses for the charity
  • The charity has accurately accounted for its funds and assets in line with legal requirements.

The commission may extend or amend the scope of the inquiry if additional regulatory issues emerge.

The charity has published a response breaking down its income and expenditure on its website here.